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Dear Customers

My name is Priscille Grace Rakotonoel and I am the founder and Director of Faithfully Stationery.
My love and passion for notebooks pens and all things stationery started very early.

In primary school already, my friends called me Miss pencil cases as I had 5, full of colour pens everyday, with me in my school bag to turn my maths and history notes into scrapbooking!
But it is during this pandemic that everything I had in my heart and hands was turned into a real idea and plan that had to come to life, and suddenly: there was Faithfully Stationery.
I trained as an actress and singer in Paris and London and with all the theatres being shut for a year I still had to express my creative desire to make something good that would bless people around me and why not, around the whole world!
Since I was very young my parents taught me to write down what I was grateful for every night in a little and simple notebook. So I wanted to start by creating another version of that with some other practical features and some more fun ones that would make it less daunting to fill and encourage you to do so.
I have been very fortunate in the sense that as a performer, I was taught since I was 19 years old,when I arrived from France to the UK, to be a business of my own. I also come from a family of entrepreneurs so I wanted to follow their footsteps too!
But everything that I will do and decisions that will be made for this emerging brand will be to encourage people to give thanks, for the things that blessed them everyday, to take some time to disconnect and unwind, to send their gratitude in a note to their friends, spouse, family but most of all, to what they have faith in.
Born and raised in a Christian household, talking to my God and say Thank you is now vital, so putting it down on paper makes it last forever.

I hope you will love using and sharing our products, this isn’t for me, it is all for you.


Photographer : Jon Koenz

Meet Our Team

Priscille Rakotonoel

Director and Founder of the Company

Sinead Grabe

Logo & Brand Designer


You can order the Aspiring Book from the 3nd to the 12th of August.